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History of the I-Chuan Association of the USA

In 1999 Grandmaster Henry Look and a few of his students traveled to China to pay their respects to their martial arts lineage and to visit some of their fellow martial arts teachers and practitioners. During this trip, they were honored with the opportunity to meet with Madame Wang Yu-Fang, the daughter of Grandmaster Wang Xiang-Zhai. Wang Xiang-Zhai was responsible for formalizing the internal art called I-Chuan. 

During this meeting as they discussed both Hsing-I Chuan and I-Chuan, Madame Wang lamented the fact that while there were active I-Chuan associations in China and Europe, there was no I-Chuan association in the United States. She challenged Grandmaster Look to establish an I-Chuan Association in the USA. Grandmaster Look gratefully accepted the challenge and in 2003 the I-Chuan Association of the USA was born. 

The association began as a small group of dedicated practitioners and students of I-Chuan in Northern California. As word of the organization spread they welcomed members from other parts of the US. In 2004 they achieved official non-profit status. In 2005 the I-Chuan Association of the USA will establish formal geographic regions where local regional heads will take up the challenge of promoting and advancing the practice of I-Chuan in their regions.