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History of I-Chuan

I-Chuan (Yiquan) is a branch of Zhan Zhuang (Standing Post) Qigong which originated from the Hsing-Yi Chuan (Xingyiquan) Internal Martial Arts school, which was founded by General Yeh Fei during the Sung Dynasty. According to legend, Kuo Yun Shen, a sixth generation master and the best Hsing-Yi fighter of his time, unintentionally killed another martial artist in one of traditional matches of the time. He was sentenced to three years in jail. While incarcerated, he discovered the essence of I-Chuan. One of Kuo’s top students, Wang Xiang Zhai (probably the most famous I-Chuan Master in history), was a seventh-generation master who changed the name to I-Chuan (intention or idea from the heart). He later experimented with the movements and exchanged martial arts skills with other masters while traveling extensively throughout China.

After all his detailed studies, he refined I-Chuan and called it "Da Cheng Chuan," or “The Great Achievement Fist." Wang passed his art to Han Hsing Yuen.  Kuo Yun Shen had another student, Wang Gin Yin, Hsing Yi teacher of Kuo Lien Ying.

The great masters of I-Chuan include all the students of Wang Hsiang Zhai including professor Yu Pung Shi ; Jiao Tao Hsin; Yao Zong Xun; Han Xing Quao and Han Hsing-Yuen.