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Health Benefits of I-Chuan

I-Chuan builds up your internal energy for a radiant health now and for the future. The principle of I-Chuan exercise compliments and enhances any style of living as well as any style of martial arts. It is generally practiced with fellow participants, to develop a sense of unity, sensitivity and fellowship. It is practiced to achieve "Soong", relaxation, and "He", harmony the keys to a long life with robust health and happiness

Beyond martial arts, it can enhance so much of daily living — from a sharpness of mind to a better understanding of what is going on with your body and its health. In practicing I-Chuan, action and reaction is directed with the mind, which focuses and guides the energy with intention. Your focus on work, play and martial arts is heightened to a sense of clarity and simplicity. In times of illness this focus is used in healing the body. In times of mental anguish it can be used to calm the mind. I-Chuan can help all aspects of life because it promotes and develops physical health and emotional well-being. The entire action and reaction sequence should be in balance without swaying forward or backward or side-to-side. The body center is stable and the mind is focused.

I-Chuan's medical benefits have been studied extensively in China, Japan and Europe. Researchers have reported a host of medical benefits which include;

  • stress relief
  • lowering blood pressure
  • improved vascular circulation
  • improved immune system
  • hormonal balance
  • accelerated healing
  • tumor reduction
  • improved kidney function
  • improved liver function
  • improved cognition